Please read some of what our customer’s have to say about Crescenzo Electric…

As a film critic I am always thinking in terms of “cinema”. If Crescenzo Electric were a “movie”, I would give it a 4-star rating. A powerful & winning team, that jumps into high action with excellent results always. I see Crescenzo Electric and his “players” as Westchester’s #1 electrical team. Their heart-warming charm, and dynamic abilities separates them from all the rest, skyrocketing them to sheer perfection. They are irresistible, funny, a brilliant team of electrical wizards, that you just can’t help but falling in love with, in every way. Try them! I guarantee a powerful, successful, and uplifting experience!

Diana Z.
Yorktown Heights, NY

I had a major electrical failure in my server room & immediately called Claudio & Phil. They came over in a snowstorm to get my computers back up & running in less than a day. I was back in business & better than new!

Debora A.

The upgrading of our service to 200 amps and the installation of my 20Kw generator, as well as the tracking down and correcting several unsafe and potentially life-threatening situations was done in a most cost effective and timely manner. It is not everyday that one encounters electricians that are not only neat and clean, but take pride in their work. You most graciously answered and explained in a most understandable way everything that was asked of you. One could see that you and your staff work very well together, are open to any suggestions and ideas, and are specifically concerned about “code” and safety. We commend you and your staff Claudio, of Crecenzo Electric, for a job most professionally “well done”!

Jerry Z.
Yorktown Heights, NY

Just incredible. I called 3 electricians before Crescenzo Electric and not one could find the problem with my kitchen lighting. Crescenzo Electric found it, fixed it and installed a new fixture. I will definitely call them first from now on as I should have from the beginning.

Mary C.
Carmel, NY